229-Pound Halibut Takes Lead In Homer Derby

Dominique Brooks of Maryville, Tennessee fishing with Alaska Coastal Marine and Capt. Chris Andrews on the Nautilus 2 caught this 229.0-pound halibut. The derby ticket was sold by Central Charters. (Facebook/Homer Chamber)

Check out the above 229-pound halibut that was leading the Homer Halibut Derby.  The derby continues through Sept. 15, so there’s plenty of time for anglers to get in on the fun and prizes, and there are plenty, as the Homer Chamber of Commerce explains here:


  • Jackpot Prize for largest fish of season – $10,000 + $0.50 per ticket sold
  • Major Tagged Fish Prizes give a chance to win the $10,000 cash from the Homer Chamber of Commerce or $50,000 in Cash from GCI.
  • Tagged Fish Prizes include over 75 fish worth $1,000, $500 or $250. All tagged fish winners receive an immediate cash prize plus are then eligible to win the 2 major tagged fish prizes of $10,000 & $50,000, announced at the 9/20 Jackpot Halibut Derby Gala!
  • Released Fish Prizes: Catch and release a halibut measuring 48 inches or more and be entered to win $1,000 at the Jackpot Halibut Derby Gala.
  • Kids prizes: 12 years & under end-of-season drawing at the Jackpot Halibut Derby Gala.
  • Catch a Lefty: Catch a left-handed halibut and win $100.
  • Value-added coupons provided with every derby ticket sold from Kachemak Gear Shed & McDonald’s