Two Deer with One Shot

Though it’s titled “Two deer with one shot”, armchair analysts seem to be feeling anything but awe about this father-son pair’s take.
Accusations have ranged from there being multiple shots (which seems to be implied in the video), to a ‘childish’ countdown and poor shooting practice in general, some suggested that their choices in deer taken were unethical, and some accused the video-makers of leaving a deer wandering in pain or dying and wasting the meet (suggestions that while one deer fell, two jumped, implying they were hit).

As one comment from the maker of the video points out, however: “Nope just the two [deer were hit], The other one might have caught some fragment’s [sic] but there was only one blood trail. We thought we had hit three also but as it turns out the largest deer picked up the smaller deer with her head and then fell back down so it looked like she was hit. Thanks for watching.?”

So if there were only two deer hit, and there were two shots, where did the video title come from?

What do you think: one shot, or two? Ethical or unethical? Good shooting or bad shooting?

Video Transcription:

“Watch out–” [indecypherable whispering]

“There’s another one”


“It’s a small one”

“There’s probably a mama righ behind ’em”

“There’s another one right there.”

“There’s another, seems like a small one.”

“There’s another!” “Shh-shhh-shh.”

“She’s looking back to something else. Probably someone else is coming out.”

“Alright, you ready?”
[deep breath]
“Five, four, three, two-”
“Dropped one on the spot.”

“Yeah, we dropped two more, too.”

“Two more [indecipherable]”

[laughter] “Nice. Sweet.”

“Shots went almost directly together.”

“I know, Kinda sweet. One of ’em dropped on the spot, man!”
[laughter, fistbump]
“Sweet, You got your deer.”

“Dial back.”

“I didn’t dial up, I just… held over.”

“Got one of ’em didn’t even flinch. [indicipherable]”

“I think I mighta hit her in the spine, I mighta shot high.”

“They ain’t comin’ back out with that one layin’ there like that.”


“Might as well go on out there.”

“Alright, let’s do it.”

[instant replay]

“Ok, we’re skinnin’ this one here curently, that’ the one that dad shot. I believe that’s the entrance wound, I think. Or exit one, I’m not sure. Somehow, I don’t know how this happened, but– there’s a hole there, and there’s also a hit right here on the leg, because, I mean, that isn’t usual for it to twist like that. I don’t know how that happened, but he managed that somehow. And this is my deer, right here. I shot her in the head. There’s the exit hole, and the injuries right in there. Uh, the funny thing is, I was actually aiming for a different deer, and I pulled my shot to the left, and hit this other one in the head. She must’ve moved her head in just the right area. That happened. But, uh, Lucky for me. Not lucky for the deer I guess. Yep. Two deer

by Sam Morstan