NOAA Fisheries To Analyze Judge’s Ruling Against Southeast Alaska Trolling Fleet

The fallout from this week’s federal judge who voted to uphold a lawsuit arguing that the Southeast Alaska trolling fleet is responsible for struggling salmon numbers and resident Southern orcas prompted the following statement from NOAA Fisheries:

A Southeast Alaska trollerA Southeast Alaska trolling vessel. Credit ASMI

NOAA Fisheries is aware of the U.S. District Court decision to remand the 2019 Biological Opinion that evaluates the effects of the Southeast Alaska salmon fisheries on threatened and endangered species, and to vacate the Incidental Take Statement for the Chinook summer and winter commercial troll fishery. The 2019 Incidental Take Statement that applies to the rest of the Southeast salmon fisheries remains in place. NOAA Fisheries knows these issues are of utmost importance to the communities that rely on the SEAK troll fishery. We are working expeditiously to address the court’s order.