Long Range Multi-Day Fishing Charters

What could possibly be better than a day trip fishing for halibut or salmon from Homer, Alaska? The answer is simple: a multiple day trip. For anglers who are really serious about fishing, long range trips are a great way to go. Bring along your group of up to 6 and we will take you on a great long range fishing trip – fishing, gear, meals and lodging on the boat are included.

Homer Ocean has been operating overnight and multiple day trips as a legally permitted business for over 25 years. Every year we operate more long range trips than any other operator in the Homer area This means that we not only know how and where to fish, but that we also are equipped to provide gourmet meals, comfortable lodging, shore excursions, and we know how to have fun. An uptight captain or rude crew can ruin even the best fishing trip. At Homer Ocean our staff is professional, courteous, and safety oriented, while at the same time striving to ensure each guest has the most fun possible. People often ask, all things being equal, why should we go with you? The answer is easy: because we have more fun.

On the first morning the crew will familiarize you with the features of the boat and serve a breakfast of juice, fruit, coffee, muffins and toast. The vessel will be the Outer Limits, our 60 foot yacht. We limit these trips to your party of up to six guests. Due to the availability of halibut, rock fish, lingcod and silver salmon we usually recommend mid July through August for the very best long range fishing. However trips can be arranged anytime during the summer season.

Trophy Longcod We’ll take you to areas beyond the range of the day trip fleet, to places that are rarely fished. Since we have a limited number of people on the boat we can concentrate on larger fish, usually in shallow water for the ultimate fight. The spacious deck and experienced crew make for the best fishing of your life. You may keep the four halibut of your choice, but we do encourage catch and release of large breeding fish. Also available are several species of rock fish and ling cod (opens on July 1). We provide top quality tackle for catching halibut but you may want to bring along your favorite light tackle rod for some insane action. Starting around the first of August we begin catching silver salmon on our long range trips. We also take along a shore launch so we can follow these salmon on the incoming tides. There is nothing like fishing these remote, beautiful areas for salmon and halibut. The crew serves you first class meals, baits your hook, cleans your fish, and even plays jokes on your buddy. In the evening we anchor in calm protected coves where you can get a good night’s sleep or you can fish all night. We return to Homer around 5 p.m. on the last day of your trip.

We recommend 3-5 days for the best possible experience. These trips are not the least expensive- they are simply the best. They include your fishing, lodging, meals, and on board entertainment. Why go fishing at a lodge when you can take the lodge fishing with you?