Alaskan Man Harvests a Record Breaking Bull Moose

An absolute giant of moose goes down in Alaska. Israel Payton may have his hands on the new world record moose. World record animals being harvested always gain a lot of attention. Of course, a moose is not going to catch the attention that a world record whitetail would, but a record is sure to … Read more Alaskan Man Harvests a Record Breaking Bull Moose

Two Deer with One Shot

Though it’s titled “Two deer with one shot”, armchair analysts seem to be feeling anything but awe about this father-son pair’s take. Accusations have ranged from there being multiple shots (which seems to be implied in the video), to a ‘childish’ countdown and poor shooting practice in general, some suggested that their choices in deer … Read more Two Deer with One Shot

‘A Few Hours Of Pain’

This story was originally written as part of the May 2015 issue of Alaska Sporting Journal. Perfect Capper To Back-To-Back Dall Sheep Hunts? Pursuing Caribou, Of Course BY BJORN DIHLE I’ve been obsessed with caribou and the tundra, mountains and forests they inhabit for as long as I can remember. The origin of the word “caribou” comes from … Read more ‘A Few Hours Of Pain’