Can Politics Be Removed From Pebble Mine Decision?

In a most strange of years and times we’re all living in, I don’t think anyone expected such a message from President Donald Trump. In a time where political gain has been ramped up in every walk of life – from the COVID-19 pandemic and the devastating West Coast wildfires to the outrage of racial injustice – it’s hard for politics to not intersect in issues that should bring together Americans regardless of which way you lean, the President’s comments that a political agenda will not influence whether or not the Pebble Mine project is hard to believe. But here we are.

Here’s more on the keeping politics out of the Pebble Mine and the Pebble Partnership’s politically charged ad that prompted Trump’s latest tweet surge from the Anchorage Daily News:

The ad features former President Barack Obama, a favorite target of Trump, when it says that the Obama administration attempted to halt the project after putting “politics over policy.”

“President Trump, continue to stand tall, and don’t let politics enter the Pebble mine review process,” the ad says.

Trump, a frequent Fox viewer, may have responded directly to the ad, Collier said. The president’s tweet came Wednesday night after the ad ran and seemed to follow the ad’s message closely, he said.

As you’d expect, Trump’s tweet suggesting that the Republicans vs. Democrats hatred for each other that has never been more evident wouldn’t affect his decision got plenty of reaction.