Application Period Now Open For Alaska Draw Hunts

The application period for Alaska draw hunts opened today. Here’s more from Alaska Department of Fish and Game:

Draw Hunting Summary

Most drawing hunts are available to both residents and nonresidents. Drawing hunts require an application fee and are awarded by lottery. Each year, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) publishes a Draw Hunt Supplement with specific information containing the drawing hunt opportunities and area boundaries. ADF&G has returned to having a single application period each year during November and December.

When to Apply

The application period for Draw hunts is November 1, 8am – December 15, 5pm (AKST).

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As a Reminder

  1. All applications submitted are final and application fees will not be refunded.
  2. Paper applications are no longer accepted for draw hunts.
  3. Applicants may apply for up to 6 hunts for the same species on all individual and party applications combined, and may apply for the same hunt more than once. See individual hunt restrictions listed in the Drawing Supplement for additional details.

How to Apply for Draw Hunts

  1. Check the current Draw Hunt Supplement for your hunt number(s).
  2. You will need to purchase a valid Alaska big game hunting license if you do not already have one. If you are a nonresident applying for emperor goose only, you must obtain or have applied for an Alaska small game hunting license prior to applying. Licenses are accepted for the current year or for the year in which the drawing hunt takes place, and future year licenses are available for purchase on our website. Licenses are not required for resident hunters age 17 years or younger.
  3. Some nonresident hunts require a Guide-Client Contract, which allows the guide to apply for draw hunts for the nonresident and provide hunting services. See the Draw Hunt Supplement for more information.
  4. Submit your application

How to Change your Draw Application

Need to change your draw application? All changes to draw applications must be submitted online via the tool listed below by Dec. 15, 5pm AKST).

Upcoming Results

The results of the November 1 – December 15, 2022 Draw, Tier I/II, and Community Subsistence Harvest application period are expected to be available online on Friday, February 17.