203-Pound Fish Wins Angler Valdez Halibut Hullabaloo And First Place In The Overall Derby

The following is courtesy of Valdez Fish Derbies:


Copper Center’s Troy Dolge took the lead in the Valdez Halibut Derby with this 203-pounder that also won him the Halibut Hullabaloo $1,000 first-place prize.

VALDEZ, Alaska – The overall leaders in the Valdez Halibut Derby have all tipped the scales at more than 100 pounds and the Halibut Hullabaloo winner is currently in 1st place overall. Troy Dolge of Copper Center, Alaska reeled in a 203.0-pound halibut on June 4th to win the Valdez Halibut Hullabaloo tournament. Troy’s leading the overall derby with his 203.0-pound halibut, taking home the weekly 1st place prize in the regular derby as well as $1,000 from the Halibut Hullabaloo. His prize package included a halibut charter aboard the Jaime Lynn so he will have the opportunity to fish Valdez again.                                                                                                                                                   

In Prince William Sound, anglers are jigging for halibut with excellent success. Jigs come in a wide range of sizes and forms, from larger ones designed to catch halibut to smaller ones intended to catch rockfish and lingcod. Jigging for halibut begins with understanding how to position your boat to drift over ledges of rock and mounds of boulders while keeping your jig in the “strike zone” for as long as possible. Halibut often live at, or very close to, the bottom. This means that rather than working your jig higher up in the water column, anglers should always keep it reasonably close to the bottom. For more info on jigging for halibut, visit https://www.topsailangler.com/jigging-for-halibut/.

According to Alaska Department of Fish and Game, anglers are heading all the way to Prince William Sound (PWS) after larger halibut when weather allows. ADF&G reports anglers are having success picking up halibut out near Montague strait and the Hinchinbrook entrance. Halibut are still getting picked up in shallow waters (60-90’) in various bays in PWS. Alaskans are enjoying great catches of Prince William Sound shrimp and Ling Cod season opens July 1st. Anglers trolling and jigging are also reporting success catching kings near Glacier Bay. There is no annual or seasonal king salmon limit in effect, and no king salmon harvest reporting requirement, but a king stamp is required.

The Valdez Silver Salmon Derby is slated to begin July 22nd and run through September 3rd. In addition to daily prizes in the Silver Salmon Derby, salmon anglers can win big money in the Tagged Fish Contest. There will also be a Women’s Silver Salmon Derby on August 12th.The Valdez Fish Derbies will also be hosting the Kids Pink Salmon Derby Saturday, July 22nd. For more information, visit www.valdezfishderbies.com.

Wasilla’s Erin Cruz is in second place (147.2 pounds) with Matthew Peterson of New Castle, Colorado (below) third (125.4).

Halibut Derby – Overall Leaders

1st        Troy Dolge                  Copper Center, AK       203.0 lbs.         June 4              Reflection

2nd      Erin Cruz                     Wasilla, AK                  147.2 lbs.         June 2              Arctic Spirit

3rd       Matthew Peterson         New Castle, CO            125.4 lbs.         June 10            Only Fins         

Halibut Derby – Weekly Winners – Week #2

1st        Troy Dolge                  Copper Center, AK       203.0 lbs.         June 4              Reflection

2nd      Matthew Peterson         New Castle, CO            125.4 lbs.         June 10            Only Fins