Thar She Blows! Beluga Whales Spotted In Bristol Bay’s Lake Aleknagik?

Here’s more from KDLG on what’s a cool (but not entirely unfamiliar) sighting in these waters:

Belugas have been sighted in Lake Aleknagik before, but Mershon said this is the first time she’s ever seen a beluga there.

“Some were kind of heading over to Yako Creek,” she said. “It was fun. This was the best I’ve ever seen them. The only time I’ve ever seen them. The only time is these last couple days.”

A marine mammal biologist, Lori Quakenbush, with Fish and Game, happened to be staying at Mershon’s bed and breakfast.

“Belugas have no problem at all going up rivers into fresh water and can stay in fresh water for long periods of time. They’ll follow fish up rivers,” she said.