Spearfishing World-Record Halibut In Homer


KTUU has the details on a world-record halibut that was taken via spearfishing.

Finally, Dornellas was able to exhaust the fish, swim back up current to the boat, and hand it off to the crew, who could gaff it in the gills and haul it out onto the boat. The exhausted diver collapsed on the deck.

“Everybody on the boat just blows up in laughter and disbelief, and just screams of joy, and I just laid back and breathed for a little while, because I was zapped,” he said. “I’ve fought some big fish in my life. I’ve hunted dogtooth tuna, I’ve shot and landed more than I can count, and that fish has me more addicted to that kind of a fight than any dogtooth tuna has ever given me.”

The fish was brought to shore, weighed at the Homer harbor, and is now pending world record status, which could be certified by the International Underwater Spearfishing Association. Currently the record for Pacific Halibut is listed as 96.2 lbs, hunted with a polespear. Dornellas’ monster: 149 lbs.