• NRDC On Upcoming Pebble PEA Document

    In anticipation of the PEA and to explain some of the economic complexity, Joel Reynolds — Western Director and Senior Attorney at the Natural Resources Defense Council — released a blog post that analyzes the lengthy press release description of what the PEA will say, including a number of its key assumptions, and identifies a series of important questions and fundamental flaws.

  • Pasagshak River Coho Salmon Bag Limit Increased

    the Alaska Department of Fish and Game is increasing the coho salmon bag limit for the Pasagshak River drainage to two per day and in possession through the end of the year.

  • UAF Program Helps Indigenous Alaskans In Fisheries Science

    UAF School of Fisheries’ “Tamamta” program helps Alaskan indigenous people serves as a bridge for students.

  • Idaho Hunter Makes Shocking Discovery: Remains Of Man Missing For 50-Plus Years

    An Idaho hunter discovered the remains of another hunter who had been missing since 1968.

  • Book Excerpt: Where The Caribou Roam

    His latest project honors the caribou, an animal that to a segment of Last Frontier residents represents a spiritual and physical connection between man and animal. Kanter’s appreciation for the caribou, which he calls an “amazing animal” (see sidebar interview), is deeply personal considering he continues to hunt, photograph and live among the Western Arctic Herd in his Arctic Alaska home. And caribou have a bittersweet history in the 49th state long before Kantner’s time.

  • USFWS On Seabird Die-Off In Bering Strait, Aleutians, Gulf of Alaska

    From May to September 2021, partners reported dead and dying seabirds from the Bering Strait region, Aleutian Islands, and the Gulf of Alaska. The main species reported from the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands were shearwaters, but also included kittiwakes, murres, and puffins. A separate die-off at Middleton Island occurred in late July and affected kittiwakes and gulls.