Orphaned Bear Cub In Alaska Sent To Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo

Here’s more from Q13 Fox in Seattle:

After receiving multiple reports of a lone cub, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADFG) confirmed the mom was nowhere to be found and the cub was too young to survive on her own. The cub, who currently weighs 89 pounds, was born this past winter and is yet to be named.

“Usually bears have a sweet tooth, so we tried drawing her in with glazed donuts,” said Cory Stantorf, an assistant biologist for ADFG. “However, this cub showed no interest in the donuts — she only looked, but wouldn’t enter. Fortunately, one of our agents had Vienna sausages in his lunch, so we used those as an attractant instead, and she liked the sausages!” 

Stantorf helped bring the orphaned cub to Alaska Zoo, who provided her with care and a temporary home. According to ADFG, the mom could have been hit by a vehicle, killed by another brown bear or killed illegally. Woodland Park Zoo offered the cub a permanent home, and she traveled to Seattle by Alaska Air Cargo.