Kodiak Authorities Concerned About Sow Bear, Cubs Hanging Around Town

Here’s KMXT Kodiak News on the bears, which have been spending a lot of time in residential areas, which could be a safety issue for both the sow and her cubs and residents:

Svoboda says it’s not unusual for bears to pass through residential areas on their way to other natural food sources – and overall, these bears have been pretty good about staying out of trash. 

“But, you know, people are getting too comfortable with her, she’s getting too comfortable with people, and that’s just a bad mix,” said Svoboda.

Svoboda says there’s also concern that the cubs may become desensitized to people. Attempts to haze the bears by the Kodiak Police Department, Alaska Wildlife Troopers and officials from Fish and Game – including bear spray and cracker rounds – haven’t worked, according to Svoboda.