Concern Over Fish Amid Water Contamination Issues In Multiple Alaska Lakes

Here’s more on the story from Alaska’s News Source:

Starting in October 2021, the group and citizen volunteers collected samples of water from 12 lakes around Anchorage and the Fairbanks North Star Borough. Miller said that the lakes are in areas associated with known or suspected PFAS contamination from firefighting foams. Lake Spenard and Lake Hood near Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport were among the water bodies that had the highest levels.

”The water sample taken right here at Spenard Lake and Lake Hood had the highest level of PFAS of 674.7 parts per trillion. Nearly 10 times higher than the EPA health guidance level of 70 parts per trillion,” Miller said.

Miller added that she and others are concerned because PFAS have been linked to adverse outcomes such as liver and kidney damage, reproductive and developmental harm, immune system impairment, and certain cancers.

”This is a concern because people catch and eat fish from these local lakes,” Miller said. “These chemicals are also highly toxic to aquatic life.”