Alaska Wildlife Troopers Find Trapped Kenai Peninsula Hikers

Here’s the Alaska State Troopers dispatch:


Location: Kenai LakeType: SAR

Dispatch Text:

On August 4, 2022 at 3:54 pm, Alaska Wildlife Troopers in Soldotna received a call from two hikers who took a canoe on Kenai Lake and hiked up a mountain. The hikers who were identified as Noah Ergle, age 22 from Florida, and Garrick Murath, age 23 from Colorado, reported they were stuck in a steep ravine and unable to get off the mountain. They reported being out of food and water and did not have any supplies to stay overnight. High winds and wet weather was forecast for the Kenai Peninsula over the next couple days. Department of Public Safety Helo 3 launched from Anchorage and was able to locate the two individuals but had to land near the top of the mountain and hike down to their location. Helo 3 returned the hikers to the Cooper Landing campground where they reported no injuries and refused medical treatment.