Alaska Board Of Fisheries Accepting Proposal Comments For Various Regulations

The following is courtesy of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s Board of Fisheries:




The Joint Board of Fisheries and Game is accepting proposed changes to its regulations pertaining to local fish and game advisory committees, the process for adopting fish and game regulations, and subsistence uses, including nonsubsistence areas, to be considered at its next regulatory meeting scheduled for March 25-29, 2024. The following sections of Title 5 Chapters 96, 97, and 99 of the Alaska Administrative Code will be considered:

5 AAC Chapter 96 – Local Fish and Game Advisory Committees and Adoption of Fish and Game Regulations

  • Article 1: Local Fish and Game Advisory Committee Regulations
    • Section 010. Establishment of a local fish and game advisory committee system.
    • Section 020. Creation of local fish and game advisory committees.
    • Section 021. Establishment of advisory committees.
    • Section 040. Qualifications for members.
    • Section 050. Functions of local fish and game advisory committees.
    • Section 060. Uniform rules of operation.
  • Article 3: Administration of Local Fish and Game Advisory Committees
    • Section 440. Board assistance.
    • Section 450. Committee status and change of status.
    • Section 460. Attendance at meetings.
  • Article 5: Adoption of Fish and Game Regulations
  • Section 600. Meetings.
  • Section 610. Procedures for developing fish and game regulations.
  • Section 615. Subsistence proposal policy.
  • Section 625. Joint board petition policy.
  • Section 630. Special meetings.
  • Section 640. Regular meetings.
  • Section 660. Compliance.
  • Article 6: General Provisions
    • Section 910. Definitions.

5 AAC Chapter 97 – Advisory Committee Closures  

  • Article 1: Areas of Jurisdiction
    • Section 005. Areas of jurisdiction for advisory committees.
  • Article 2: Emergency Closures
    • Section 010. Advisory committee emergency closures.

5 AAC Chapter 99 – Subsistence Uses

  • Section 010. Boards of fisheries and game subsistence procedures.
  • Section 015. Joint Board nonsubsistence areas. (*see additional information) 
  • Section 016. Activities permitted in a nonsubsistence area.
  • Section 021. Definitions.

*Per Alaska Statute 16.05.258(c), a nonsubsistence area is an area or community where dependence upon subsistence is not a principal characteristic of the economy, culture, and way of life of the area or community. Subsistence hunting or fishing is not permitted in nonsubsistence areas. The current nonsubsistence areas exist around Ketchikan, Juneau, Anchorage-Matsu-Kenai, Fairbanks, and Valdez and were created by the Joint Board in 1992.

Alaska Statute 16.05.258(c) requires the board to identify nonsubsistence areas where “dependence upon subsistence is not a principal characteristic of the economy, culture, and way of life” by considering 12 socioeconomic characteristics of the areas. Therefore, proposal submissions to modify the existing areas, repeal areas, or establish new areas must address information related to at least one of the 12 socioeconomic characteristics of nonsubsistence areas.  The 12 socioeconomic characteristics and links for related information are below. 

Proposals may be submitted by mail, fax, or online:


Mail:          ADF&G, Boards Support Section

                  P.O. Box 115526 Juneau, AK  99811-5526

Fax:           (907) 465-6094                                                            

Proposals must be received by Monday, May 1, 2023 at the Boards Support Section office in Juneau. (A postmark is NOT sufficient for timely receipt).

Interested parties are encouraged to submit proposals at the earliest possible date. Proposals must be submitted on a current Joint Board proposal form available online at or from any ADF&G Boards Support office.

Proposals must contain a contact telephone number and mailing address. Email addresses are also appreciated. Please print or type the individual’s or organization’s name as appropriate.

Providing clarity on the proposal form helps the board, advisory committees, and the public more fully understand the proposed regulatory changes. Additionally, proposals related to nonsubsistence areas must address information related to at least one of the 12 socioeconomic characteristics  as specified above. Proposals that are incomplete, unclear, or lack sufficient information if related to nonsubsistence areas, may be omitted from the proposal book. You are encouraged to contact the Boards Support Section staff if you have questions or need assistance with completing the proposal form.

All proposals are reviewed prior to publication. Language that is emotionally charged detracts from the substance of the proposal and may draw opposition not germane to the element(s) of the proposal. Such language may be edited or deleted prior to publication. Additionally, language that provides personal information, such as names of individuals, will be deleted. Proposals that do not meet the call will not be accepted.

Proposals published in the proposal book will be referenced with the appropriate Alaska Administrative Code citation and include a brief description of the action requested. Proposal books will be available to the advisory committees, agencies, and the public online at Those submitting proposals are encouraged to review the proposal book at their earliest convenience to ensure proposals are included and accurate. Noted errors and omissions should be reported to Boards Support immediately.

Responsive proposals received by the proposal deadline will be considered by the Joint Board of Fisheries and Game at a meeting to be scheduled for March 25–29, 2024. The public is encouraged to visit the Joint Board of Fisheries and Game website frequently for news and information regarding this meeting.

For more information, please contact the Alaska Board of Fisheries and Game Executive Directors at (907) 465-4110.