‘Aggressive’ Moose Responsible For Anchorage Dog Death

Alaska Department of Fish and Game has always warned Alaskans about the dangers of getting too close to moose, which frequent populated areas. And that warning should apply to dog owners as well, after an incident in Anchorage that resulted in a fatality caused by a moose attacking a dog. Here’s more from Alaska’s News Source:

The department hasn’t received any reports of people being hurt by moose this winter — although some have been charged — but on Monday a moose killed a dog in East Anchorage. Battle said it happened in the owner’s fenced backyard when he let his two dogs outside, not knowing that a moose was there.

“The dogs were apparently out for about 10 minutes before anything happened,” Battle said. “Then he heard one of his dogs start hollering and he got out there, and he was able to get the dog away from the moose, you know the moose was stomping it, and he got it to the vet but it had to be euthanized at the vet.”

By the time Fish and Game responded, the moose was gone from the yard, although Battle suspects a nearby moose was the one involved. Battle said that the moose was not aggressive toward humans in any way, so they let it be.