ADFG Announces 2024 Copper River Personal-Use Dipnet Fishery Schedule Update

2024 Copper River Personal Use Dip Net Salmon Fishery Schedule Update

(Glennallen) – The Chitina Subdistrict personal use dip net salmon fishery will remain closed at least through Sunday, June 9. A total of 6,199 salmon have been counted past the Miles Lake sonar through May 26. The anticipated count for this period was 63,771 salmon. Only one of two sonars has been operating (north bank sonar), but even doubling the count to date does not provide enough salmon to open the fishery this week. The low counts are likely due to river conditions delaying the arrival of salmon to the Copper River.

The next fishery announcement will be issued Wednesday, June 5. Information regarding the fishery can be found at the ADF&G web site. This site provides information regarding the Upper Copper River fisheries including fishery summaries and maps, where to get permits, and links to the sonar numbers and fishing schedule emergency orders.

If you have any questions regarding the Chitina Subdistrict personal use dip net salmon fishery, please contact the ADF&G office in Glennallen at (907) 822-3309.