Young Captain Gets His Shot On Deadliest Catch


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From our friends at the Discovery Channel:


Deadliest Catch

Airing Tuesday, April 19 at 9 PM ET/PT on the Discovery Channel

Josh Harris is forced to take over the Cornelia Marie. Sean Dwyer gets his first taste of the angry sea. Greenhorns on the Cape Caution are slapped to attention. Weather, mechanical failures, and inexperienced crews complicate matters across the fleet.


Key Storylines:

  • In the episode airing on Tuesday: After a killer King Crab season, Josh struggles to find any Bairdi Crab. In the midst of pulling empty pots, things get even worse. A nasty flu knocks his co-captain Casey McManus out of the wheelhouse, forcing Josh Harris to take the wheel alone. And he’s not just pulling pots. He has to get out there and find the crab.
  • This season young skipper Josh Harris must step out of the shadows to claim his birthright on the legendary vessel once commanded by his father, the late Captain Phil Harris.
  • The boat has finally gotten an overhaul – complete with new electronics and engine room. But making the boat like new comes with a steep price. To pay for the overhaul, Josh had to sell a majority of the boat to investors meaning if he can’t find crab, the investors will find someone else who can.


Sneak preview of Tuesday’s episode:




Q&A With Josh Harris, Deadliest Catch Captain of the Cornelia Marie


This season your boat got a complete overhaul.  Are you happy with the changes you made?  Has it made crabbing any easier?

I am happy with the changes. Obviously the boat interior and exterior look much better.  But having new equipment eliminated a lot of the stress worrying about mechanical failures.


How often do you think of your dad, the late Captain Phil Harris?  Is there any lesson that he taught you, that you still find useful today?
I think of my dad every single day. His sayings always replay in my mind. On a daily basis I find myself repeating things he used to say. The crew does it, too. I’m always thinking of him. He was the greatest.


What do you think is the toughest part of your job? 
The toughest part of the job by far is dealing with mother nature. You never know what she’ll throw at you.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about joining the Deadliest Catch crabbing boats in the Bering Sea?

School is incredibly important – you need to stay in school. Anyone who considers fishing should have a backup plan.

After a season of late starts and scraping by, Josh is hoping for a big season. Sinking $1 million into the aging Cornelia Marie has turned her into one of the most state-of-the-art boats in the fleet. Thankfully, an increase in quota should help keep the green skipper in the black. It’ll be a busy year and Josh is going to have to step up as a leader to meet his bottom line. Tensions may flare in the wheelhouse as Casey plans to do whatever it takes to keep the boat producing, even if that’s not what Josh wants. We’ll see if Josh remembers how to drive in weather, spot bags at night, and drive fast — and if he can keep a lid on his temper too; a temper flare caused CM loyalist Jake Jolibois to quit last season. But Josh is determined to step up and assert himself as a captain of his family’s boat. He wants to see if he really knows how to fish.