Wood Stoves And Beyond, Creators Of A ‘New Breed Of Wood Stoves’ For Multiple Uses At Once

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For the last five years, Roger Lehet has invented a new breed of wood stoves which are capable of simultaneously heating, cooking, baking, producing hot water and electricity.

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The Kimberly Wood Stove

Heats up to 1500 SF and produces up to 40,000 BTU’s per hour. This little stove only weighs 56  pounds, making it portable. This stove was born to run off-grid, which makes it great for the outdoorsman, but works just as good as a permanent wood stove in your smaller home.

One of 14 finalists world wide, the Kimberly is to be a part of Alliance for Green Heat wood stove decathlon this November in Washington DC. This competition is sponsored by Popular Mechanics Magazine  and the Department of Ecology. To learn more, click here.






Today the little stove has the accreditation of numerous and prestigious agencies such as UL Safety Standards, Environmental Protection Agency, Canadian Safety Standards,  Sierra Club Green Home Products Provider, and Mother Earth News.

The Katydid Wood Stove

The demand for a bigger and more powerful stove was engineered using  the same technology Lehet earlier developed within his little Kimberly. After four months, the Katydid is complete and is currently taking orders. This stove will be UL listed, CSA certified and EPA approved by the first of the year  for the US and Canada.

The Katydid is expected to deliver  well over 85,000 BTU/hour and heat up to 3,000 square feet of well-insulated living space, burning at least 12 hours on a single load of fuel.



The Katydid gasifier combustion system will squeeze every possible BTU from cord wood, keeping families warm through the night with less cost, less labor, and less emissions  than traditional wood stoves.

For more information and pricing, pease go to WoodStovesandBeyond.com.