Warm Up With A Hearty Stew

Ptarmigan make a great stew. When out in the field, dehydrated veggies and potato bark can be used to make an easy, lightweight, and quick dish.

Dehydrated vegetables (carrot, celery, etc.)
Dehydrated potatoes (store-bought, vacuum-sealed, or make
your own by making mashed potatoes and then dehydrate
them on a nonstick sheet in a dehydrator)
Olive oil
Salt, pepper, any other seasonings
Ptarmigan, cut into thighs, wings, and breasts

Season ptarmigan with seasoning. Reconstitute the dehydrated ingredients in hot water. Mix, then set aside. On cook stove and in pan, heat olive oil over medium heat. Brown ptarmigan in oil. Add dehydrated ingredients to ptarmigan and olive oil; stir and simmer until tender. The vegetables infuse the meat with flavor. That’s it! –KM