WalMart Vs. Salmon Anglers Update

By Chris Ccooles on Oct. 22

Not a ton of new news in this ongoing tug-of-war, but a well-written update on the WalMart battle with the Alaskan salmon fishing industry.

This is probably the most newsworthy section of the story since we last had an update on this situation, which doesn’t exactly endear corporate giant WalMart to the blue collar workers of Alaska:

Last week, the salmon industry essentially declared victory, saying it would move forward with its own labeling efforts. In a clear swipe at WalMart, the salmon industry urged “the few remaining buyers with M.S.C.-only buying policies to stop swimming against the tide.”

“Alaska has the idea of sustainability built into its constitution,” Senator Begich said in an interview, referring to a provision in the state charter, which says natural resources must be managed on the “sustained yield principle.”

He dismissed the idea that the industry needed more outside oversight, noting that the National Marine Fisheries Service, part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, closely monitors American fisheries.

Makes you wonder how ugly the sparring will get to here. Stubbornness on both sides will likely rule the day.


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