Utah Marsh Motors


Photos courtesy of Marsh Motors

In compliance with the US Coast Guard’s recent mandate to mud motor
manufacturers,  Utah Marsh Motors LLC is changing the design of its
offered electric start models of its offered long tail mud motors to
include a clutch/neutral that will make those models compliant with
the latest regulation by the US Coast Guard.  This Change will also
include a reduction to the drive shaft of 1 /12 to 1 of the engine PTO
RPM to take advantage of the higher efficiency of a slower prop RPM in
water.  Recoil start models will remain the same design as previously.

Marsh 2

Superior Robin engines will still be offered with this change.  This
addition of a clutch/neutral is only going to be offered on long tail
models.  Utah Marsh Motors emphasis of excellence in a light weight
mud motor  will still be adhered to.



Mark F. Cheney of Marsh Motors