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Just another day in Alaska

You come home, get ready to relax for the evening, get out of your car, and the moose are fighting again.

Nothing like the snorting and clomping of fighting moose to wake you out of your evening commuter’s haze. These two bulls started battling it out in the middle of a busy suburb. You can see and hear people filming from their cars and holding back their dogs, hoping these too massive beasts don’t cause any property damage in their wake! Thankfully, we don’t see any thing -or anyone- get hurt, and it looks like nobody gets too injured. One bull runs off in defeat, and the spectators got one heck of a show.

Is it an Alaska thing that nobody is fazed by this? The people (including the walkers and their dog, toward which the moose run at the end of the video) all seem pretty relaxed about the two-ton behemoths clashing in their quiet suburb.

Or the other version is that:
Male moose tend to be more aggressive during this time of year, their annual rut cycle, when they spend virtually all their energy looking for females to impress and mate with.

by Sam Morstan



Source: National Geographic Youtube

Zombie Moose has Alaskan Puzzled

The undead appearance of this animal has many scratching their heads.

A viral photo of a moose has many speculating as to what is ailing the animal in Alaska.

The photos were apparently taken in Anchorage last summer and show an animal with an almost zombie-like appearance. The moose is missing large patches of hair, exposing black and bright red patches of skin.

“That moose had been attacked by a bear by a neighbor’s house,” Patricia Grenier told the Alaska Dispatch News. “(The moose) was gone and everybody thought it had died, but then it was back and it was in my neighbor’s yard.”

But not everyone is satisfied with that explanation. The Internet was quick to note similarities in the animal’s appearance to Sparky, a bison who was struck by lightning in Iowa and went viral earlier this year.


The Alaska Department of Fish and Game is well aware of the moose. In fact, the Alaska Dispatch News reports state veterinarian Kimberlee Beckmen asked biologists to put the moose down so a necropsy could be done. Beckman’s concern was the animal was suffering from winter ticks, which haven’t been found in Alaska before.

Cancer, birth defects, and parasitic infection are all additional possibilities, according to Alaska Fish and Game.

But the mystery of the zombie moose may remain just that, a mystery. “September or October of 2014 was probably the last time we saw it,” Grenier told the Alaska Dispatch News.

Similarly, biologists looking for the moose couldn’t locate it either. As far as anyone knows, it hasn’t been seen since then. So unless it is found again, the internet will be left speculating everything from forest fires to aliens as the cause. What do you think caused this moose’s strange ailment?

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by Travis Smola

Source: AK Dept Fish & Games