Sled Dogs Of The Yukon

Sled Dogs 5

Photos courtesy of Bush Alaska Expeditions

Thanks to a find by Rachel Alexander, our Western Shooting editor, we are able to bring you a December cover story on a bunch of hard-working dogs and their rugged owners of a dog sled adventure outfitters, Bush Alaska Expeditions, located near the Alaska/Yukon, Canada border. Wayne and Scarlett Hall, pictured above, were gracious enough to give us an inside look at their adventures with their beloved huskies and other sled dogs who take guests out for a hardcore trip in the remote lands of Alaska. Here’s a little taste of the story:


Our sledding trips are full of incredible stories. Often over the years we have found ourselves on American Summit as the 40-Mile Caribou migration has been passing through. Some winter hunts have been very successful via the dog teams. But never doubt that when caribou are in the area the runs with the teams have been full of excitement and speed. 
Wayne once fell off his team; his wheel dog, realizing it, allowed himself to start dragging, slipped his collar and then jumped off the trail into the deep snow. The dog effectively became a doggie drag brake and slowed the team to a crawl, which allowed Wayne to catch up and regain control over the dogs. Well, he had as much control as you can have with hundreds of caribou all around. ..

Sled Dogs 2


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