Nature Tech Solutions Offers Another Solution For Relief From The Flu


Roman Fyk of Nature Tech Solutions Inc. urged the American public to “get their flu shot” as soon as possible before they join the thousands of Americans with the flu.

Mr. Fyk, president, of the company based in Lancaster, Pa., released information concerning his new GEN-X-3 technology that manufactures a proven solution to eradicate the flu and many other debilitating viruses and bacteria.

The GEN-X-3 machine produces hypochlorous acid (HOCI) which is also produced by the human immune system to kill bacteria and viruses.  Mr. Fyk agrees that everyone must receive their flu shots, but to also consider adding his GEN-X-3 technology to their defense against the H3N2 flu that is now an epidemic throughout the United States.

When the solution of 100-percent safe Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) Anolyte was tested by Penn State University, the same solution produced by the GEN-X-3 killed the current devastating flu virus, H3N2, 100 percent in less than a minute.  The GEN-X-3 produced solution also killed many other bacteria that threaten our food supply, health and much more.

The H3N2 flu is a strain of a Norovirus which also was treated by the GEN-X-3 for proof of effectiveness and had a kill rate of 99.999 according to the test studies by the Microbiotest Laboratories in Sterling, Va.

The GEN-X-3 is now available to the public.  The GEN-X-3 uses regular tap water, electric and a food-based additive to create hypochlorous acid.  This solution is non-hazardous and safe for human contact.  It can be used in the home, office, nursing home, hospital or classroom to sanitize and disinfect.  Just spray and let dry.  The solution can also be used in a cold fogger or cold sonic vaporizer in occupied rooms to mitigate the viruses and bacteria.

The GEN-X-3 does more than just kill H3N2 and other avian viruses. It also kills a host of deadly foodborne pathogens as well, including (but not limited to) salmonella, e-coli, listeria, VRE, shingella, MSRA, anthrax, and many more. The solution is safe to use on food and food prep areas to greatly diminish cross contamination during food preparation.

Nature Tech Solutions (NTS) manufactures and distributes a variety of machines to self-generate the world’s strongest chemical-free sanitizing/disinfecting/cleaning solution on-site, on demand.  The most popular, GEN-X-3, is for multi-purpose use to clean and purify both your home and office.  The GEN-X-3 is the economical handheld model (a rechargeable mini-generator) that is all natural and safe for children, adults, and pets.  Nature Tech Solutions has a solution for any size industry, school or hospital.

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