Moose Takes On Wind Chimes: Guess The Winner

What’s the old saying? Music calms the savage beast. Tell that to this Alaskan moose.

From the Alaska Dispatch:

On May 4, Britta Schroeder was drifting off to sleep when her wind chimes began to ring. It’s windy in Healy, the Interior Alaska community just north of the park, so at first she didn’t think much of it, Schroeder said.

But “it continued on and on,” Schroeder said. Once her dog’s ears perked up, she realized an animal must be outside her door.

She peeked outside and saw the moose, which a co-worker told Schroeder is likely a female. Schroeder opened her door just a crack — so that her dog wouldn’t get outside — to take video.

Schroeder is a GIS specialist with the National Park Service, and she works in Denali National Park year round. She believes that the musically inclined moose is the same one that has frequented her yard before, along with a mother moose and another sibling.