Montana Canvas Produces Top Hunting, Family Camping Tents

Any hunter who has spent a week or two in a high-country hunting camp values a quality wall tent. Offering protection from the elements, it becomes a home away from home, and quite often a welcome sight at the end of a hard day. Long preferred by outfitters wanting a stable base camp, they have become the first choice of many outdoor enthusiasts.

The wall tent, also known as the cabin tent, has also become a great family weekend tent. The internal free-standing frames have made this all possible with set-up times taking about 30 to 45 minutes.

Montana canvas offers sizes from 8x10x5 on up to 18x23x5 and have models available in a choice of several tent fabrics: 10 ounce cotton, 12 ounce cotton, or a lightweight relite polyester-based material.

All are treated to be waterproof, mildew resistant and flame retardant.

Our basic tent features consist of 5-foot sidewalls, a 12-inch sodcloth around the perimeter which provides weather- tight seal; reinforced corners and ridgelines and eaves. Also standard is a stove jack with a weather flap and a heavy zipper door with a buckled 6-inch flap.

All of Montana canvas tents come with a storage bag, 200 feet of rope and rope tension adjusters.

The legacy of the wall tent continues today, as it is the most comfortable and meaningful way to introduce children and adults to the outdoor experience. Our new and innovative designs insure our customers of the highest standards and construction, materials and comfort.

Our wall tents have passed the test of time, with families handing down tents from one generation to another, along with precious memories.

You can check out our line of products proudly made in the USA.

Check out www.Montanacanvas.Com or call for a brochure 1-800-235-6518.