Miss Kansas Misfires On Bear Hunt

Photos courtesy of Theresa Vail via American Shooting Journal
Photos courtesy of Theresa Vail via American Shooting Journal

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In February 2014 our sister magazine, American Shooting Journal (it was still known as Western Shooting Journal then), profiled Theresa Vail, an avid hunter who just happened to be a beauty queen (she was 2013’s Miss Kansas and competed in the ensuing Miss America pageant, where she created a buzz for her tattoos.

Vail eventually scored an Outdoor Channel show, Limitless With Theresa Vail. But when she filmed an Alaska bear hunt (which was never aired by the network), Vail made a mistake during the hunt and she and her guides attempted to cover it up. 

Here’s Fox News with more:

“This May, during an Alaskan guided bear hunt, I unintentionally harvested a second bear while attempting a follow up shot,” Vail said in a statement. “I then followed poor advice and allowed the second bear to be improperly tagged. A few days later, the film crew and I reported the incident and have since fully cooperated with the proper authorities.

“I am deeply sorry for my mistakes.”

Alaska State Troopers say 25-year-old Vail, star of “Limitless with Theresa Vail,” and two hunting guides have been charged with misdemeanors.

Troopers say master guide Michael Wade Renfro and assistant guide Joseph Andrew Miller conspired to cover up the violation up by obtaining a second bear tag and submitting the wrong information to game authorities.

We’ll have a little more about the incident in the January issue of Alaska Sporting Journal, along with an update on the Alaska hunting incidents of another TV show host, Clark Dixon.