Man Dying Of Cancer Gets Final Fishing Trip

Photo by Carl Vinson VA Medical Center
Photo by Carl Vinson VA Medical Center

This story might be hard to read but it’s a heartwarming one. Per CNN, Navy veteran Connie Willhite, 68,  was nearing the end battling colon cancer, but he wished for one more opportunity to go fishing.

Here’s CNN with more:

The gear wasn’t a problem. His cousin got the fishing tackle.
But there was one tangle in the line: Because of his advanced colon cancer, Willhite had to remain bed-ridden.
His caretakers weren’t going to let that stop them.
“We can’t do a lot about the quantity of days you have but we can do a lot about the quality,” said Greg Senters, a social worker at Carl Vinson VA Medical Center in Dublin, Georgia.
Senters arranged to get a mobile motorized hospital bed and the fishing trip was on.
 Willhite’s catch, photographed above, might as well be a world record, because it’s the most significant bluegill anyone caught that day. He passed away three days later after going fishing. RIP, Connie.