‘Good God’ Alaska Sea Food & Wild Game — Specializing In Fresh Alaskan Food And More

‘Good God’ Alaska Sea Food & Wild Game, a family father-and-son-owned business, started in 1999 selling live crab and lobsters. We are located in Southeast Alaska, called the fishing capital of the world, located on an island accessible only by boat or airplane.

We now offer a unique local store in Ketchikan and online source that specializes in fresh, frozen and live Alaska wild seafood like crab, oysters and clams.

We have an assortment of fresh or frozen Alaskan halibut, spot prawn shrimp, all kinds of crab, salmon, smoked salmon of all varieties, wild game from Alaska Denali Delta farms, as well as imported bird and game from many countries from around the world.

We have committed ourselves to selecting only the very best products.