Going To The Birds On The Kenai

By Chris Cocoles on Oct. 25

Our DIY man in Alaska, Steve Meyer, wrote a nice piece for hunters (and dog lovers) for our November issue on chasing ptarmigan on the Kenai Mountains of Southcentral Alaska.  It’s a really interesting story in that Steve details how rocky and slippery the terrain can be in that time of year (mid-September) that affected both he and can affect his hunting dog, Winchester. Here’s a sneak peak from the story:

The snow was packed in and yet to melt from the previous winter, and it had a very slippery glaze. We were skirting the edges when Winchester, some 400 yards across the other side, came to another solid point.  Working down to the snow bed to cross, my partner stayed up on more stable ground and had a front row seat when my feet went out from under me. I started sliding down the chute and I tried to dig my heels in to no avail.
My velocity was such that I knew it was going to be bad when I smashed into the large boulders I was headed for. With the 28 cradled in my arms I hit a large rock, my knees unlocked to absorb the impact and I flew chest first into the rock with the 28 smashing my upper lip and nose.
When I hit, a bird flew up from behind the rock and I sat upright and took a shot that I shouldn’t have and cleanly missed. I looked up with blood running down my face to see my hunting partner laughing.  She thought I had done it on purpose.

As someone who has proven to be clumsy on icy ground (that’s a story for another day, but one I’m not proud of telling anyway!), I can relate to Steve taking a tumble. But trooper that he is, Steve was able to laugh it off. Kudos, buddy! Here a few extra pictures from Steve’s report. You can see by the shot of Christine, Steve’s hunting partner in crime, how tricky it must be to navigate the area where these upland birds hide. The ptarmigan are able to blend into the snow very difficult.

9-30-12 whitetails 006 Winchester holding for the flush Winchester 10-10-12 089

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It’s ok big brother, I only laughed a little 🙂 I hope you are ok!


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