alaska hunting 2013 - 35-35

Photo by Shane Vander Giessen

We’re referring to the November edition of Alaska Sporting Journal as the “DIY Issue”, with seven unguided Alaskan adventures. Our cover story features three Lower 48ers (from Washington) who tackled a deer hunt on Prince of Wales Island. Here’s a little bit from author Shane Vander Giessen, and some bonus photos to whet your appetite for the main story, which should be available for purchase soon, especially in the Northwest:

The rain and fog moved in as we were climbing, but as we reached the top of the mountain, we got a break in the fog within 275 yards of the two bucks. One 4-point with eye guards was already hard-horned, and a smaller buck was with him and still in velvet.
The 4-point was bedded, and once he stood up, I had him down in two shots with a rifle. The smaller buck hung around trying to figure out where the shots came from. We weren’t planning on shooting him at first, but, eventually, Alec decided to take him as well.
We quickly set up camp and looked for one more buck for Brian. We actually saw another 4-point, similar in size to the one I got, but he wasn’t able to connect before the fog moved back in and hindered our visibility.
Then the rain started. And continued. It rained all night and all the next day. Alec and I actually boned out our deer in the vestibules of our backpacking tents. Plus, we had to make our way down the mountain (each carrying our own tents) through some of the muddiest, steepest, nastiest and brush-filled terrain I’ve ever hiked in.
At one point, Brian was climbing up through some cliffs, and we couldn’t see him when he let loose a whole bunch of rocks. I seriously thought for a second that he was a goner. We all said our prayers and made it down safely to the car, but we were drenched to the bone and completely exhausted. It probably rained 1½ inches on us while we were hiking out.

alaska hunting 2013 - 15-15

Photo by Shane Vander Giessen

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Photo by Shane Vander Giessen


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