Coeur d’Alene Dressing Company’s Sausage-Spiced Flavor



Making your own sausage couldn’t be easier using Coeur d’Alene Dressing Company’s  three sausage
seasoning blends: Hot Italian, Sweet Italian and Sage Breakfast. Just
add to a little water and mix into any ground meat, domestic or game,
grinding your own or have your local butcher grind something for you.
Use our seasoning blends for sausage patties, stuffing links or as a
great rub. Our products are made with no MSG, nitrates, fillers or
anti-caking ingredients.

Made with a dozen fine spices you can wake up
your taste buds with our Sage Breakfast Sausage blend. Our Sweet
Italian blend gives you a little sweet, a little warm…great for any
Italian dish, with cracked fennel, garlic and a few crushed chilis.
Try the Hot Italian blend if you want a robust, bold sausage that
leaves your lips “humming”.

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