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LiveTarget Introduces New Swimbaits

The following press release is courtesy of LiveTarget Lures: 

Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON (June 27, 2018) – Like Russian Matryoshka dolls—the small wooden figurines that fit one in the other, decreasing in size from large to minuscule—it’s not uncommon to find pike within pike within pike—a predatory procession of giant pike on down to large fish to juvenile and so forth.





The master luresmiths at LIVETARGET recognize the importance of juvenile pike to the diets of cannibalistic adult pike and many other important gamefish, and have engineered an ultra-realistic, pike-imitating lure designed to tempt predators that are willing to eat their own.


To be introduced at EFTTEX 2018, the LIVETARGET Juvenile Pike Swimbait combines biologically precise anatomical features and color patterns with biomimetic action and robust components to create a dynamic new swimbait to entice predators like pike, musky, zander, walleye, and more. The lure’s unique three-dimensional anatomy, including fins, tail, head and eyes, couple with a true-to-life profile to synthesize the perfect illusion of a living pike.



Metallic Green (807)




Matte Gold (809)




The LIVETARGET Juvenile Pike Swimbait’s intelligently engineered tail oscillator generates an exclusive, pike-inspired swimming action and vibration that elicits hot pursuit and violent strikes. Precision factory rigging ensures that the bait is ready to use immediately, achieving better balance without the need for frequent adjustment or tuning.


The LIVETARGET Juvenile Pike Swimbait is offered in two sizes: the 20.3 cm (8”) BPS-200 at 88.6 g (3 1/8 oz); and 30.5 cm (12”) BPS-300 at 244.5 g (8 5/8 oz); each internally weighted and precision balanced for a medium-slow sink speed. The two Juvenile Pike Swimbaits feature distinctive hook arrangements: namely, twin, extra-strong double hooks riding on the ventral side of the lure.



Double hooks positioned against the body




Double hooks positioned down




Specialized rare-earth magnets, integrated into the soft plastic body of the Juvenile Pike Swimbait, hold the double hooks tight to the lure, ensuring a stable swimming action and maximizing hook-up ratios.


Rare-earth magnets are incredibly strong for their size, yielding substantially more holding power than a generic magnet, and are much, much smaller, which eliminates any adverse effect to the swimming action. The stronger rare-earth magnets also quickly suck the hooks back into position, tucking beneath the body, as soon as the lure retrieval begins.


Each of the belly hooks can be independently positioned to ride with their points turned upward, which enhances the lure’s swimming action and reduces the amount of debris collected when the swimbait is fished through cover, or with the points turned downward, resulting in greater exposure of the hooks within the primary strike zone.





This user-customizable hook configuration is unique among swimbaits and makes the LIVETARGET Juvenile Pike an incredibly versatile choice for targeting apex predators.

Both sizes of LIVETARGET Juvenile Pike Swimbait are provided in two ultra-realistic color schemes to replicate the common varieties of pike encountered in European and North American waters: Metallic/Green (807) and Matte/Gold (809).


LIVETARGET Juvenile Pike Swimbaits will be available to retailers in late fall 2018.

Visit LIVETARGET in booth H33 at EFTTEX 2018 for your first look at an exciting new lure for the global predator market: the LIVETARGET Juvenile Pike Swimbait.







Howard Leight By Honeywell Offers Hearing Protection For Shooters

The following press release is courtesy of Howard Leight by Honeywell

New Impact Sport BOLT digital electronic earmuff from Howard Leight by Honeywell delivers 5X sound amplification, 22dB noise reduction rating, and a lightning-fast .5-millisecond attack time

WESTWOOD, Mass. (June 26, 2018) — Whether target shooting, hunting or attending a race, concert or other live event, the intoxicating sounds that accompany—or even define—the experience can have harmful effects on our hearing. Finding a way to block out dangerous noise levels makes wonderful sense from a health perspective, but common solutions deliver imperfect results, often making it difficult or even impossible to hear low-frequency sounds or carry on a conversation with others. Trade and industrial professionals working in loud environments face similar challenges. And since they often spend long hours there, comfort is a must.

In-ear foam plugs can provide economical and effective protection, but aren’t always ideal for long-term wear. They must also be inserted properly in order to work, which is something many folks don’t do. The optimal choice may often be an over-the-ear headphone-style digital earmuff capable of amplifying low sounds while reducing the volume of very loud sounds. Unfortunately, all such products are not created equal.

Howard Leight by Honeywell believes that hearing protection can be more than just a safety measure; it can be comfortable and highly practical, while elevating the sensory experiences of the wearer.

Building on over 30 years of continuous technological innovation, Howard Leight introduces the new Impact Sport BOLT digital electronic earmuff, combining 5X sound amplification, 22dB noise reduction rating, and a lightning-fast .5-millisecond attack time with a slim and comfortable ergonomic design and easy one-knob control.

All-new digital compression circuitry delivers Impact Sport BOLT’s remarkable audio performance. Ambient and low frequency sounds are safely amplified up to five times to a peak of 82dB, making it easy for the wearer to hear range commands and conduct conversation, even in noisy environments. Amplification automatically shuts off at 82dB, attenuating hazardous impulse noises like gunfire or loud noises from car engines, machinery or music. Impact Sport BOLT actively listens, reacting to these dangerous noises and reducing them to safe levels with a lightning-fast .5-millisecond attack time, resulting in a very natural sound quality for the wearer.

Durable, recessed microphones—one on each side—reduce wind noise while providing true stereo sound that allows the wearer to more easily identify a sound’s direction of origin. This feature makes Impact Sport BOLT a great option for hunters who want to increase their ability to hear and locate approaching game. Impact Sport BOLT is also equipped with an external 3.5mm AUX jack and included cord with an inline microphone for connection to a phone, computer, MP3 player or scanner.

BOLT’s performance and ergonomic design make it a very versatile earmuff for most shooting environments, including rifle, shotgun, handgun and tactical applications. Impact Sport BOLT features a sleek, extremely low profile earcup design with carefully engineered cutouts that allow shooters to shoulder a rifle or shotgun while maintaining full clearance from the firearm stock. Lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear, BOLT incorporates a padded headband with vertical height adjustments for a secure, non-slip fit. When not in use, the headband and earcups fold for easy, compact storage.

Howard Leight by Honeywell Impact Sport BOLT Digital Electronic Earmuff

Technology and Performance

  • Up to 5X Sound Amplification
  • Ambient sounds safely amplified to a maximum of 82dB
  • 22 dB Noise Reduction Rating (NRR)
  • Compresses continuous or impulse noises 82dB or higher to safe levels
  • Lightning-fast .5-millisecond attack time


  • Durable, recessed microphones reduce wind noise and provide directional sound
  • Extremely low-profile earcup design with cutout allows for full clearance of firearm stock
  • Deluxe, padded, back leatherette headband and earcup cushions for comfort
  • Headband adjusts for a secure, non-slip fit and folds for easy storage
  • Compact, folding earcup design for convenient storage
  • Single-knob control for on/off and volume
  • External AUX jack a for connection to MP3 player or scanner
  • 4-hour auto shut-off for prolonged battery life
  • Easy access to external battery compartment

In the Box

  • Powered by two included AAA batteries
  • Includes AUX cord with inline microphone
  • Includes extra earcup cushions
  • Available in Black (R-02525), Gray (R-02232) and Orange (R-02231)
  • MSRP: $125.00

Whatever your passion, protect yourself against hazardous noise without being left in silence. The new Impact Sport BOLT digital electronic earmuff from Howard Leight provides smart, fast and comfortable hearing protection that fully delivers on safety, while providing a heightened experience for its wearer.

Wildlife Forever’s Boat Cleaning Stations Help Fend Off Invasive Species


The following press release is courtesy of Wildlife Forever:

White Bear Lake, MN – Boat ramps across Minnesota are busier than ever as boaters and anglers venture out to enjoy Minnesota lakes and rivers. At landings across the state, access ramps are getting a much needed upgrade to include CD3 Watercraft Cleaning Stations that are designed to halt the spread of Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS). Stations have recorded over 10,000 uses since being installed last fall. Boaters are encouraged to take advantage of the free tools available 24 hours a day.

Wildlife Forever’s Clean Drain Dry Initiative, in partnership with CD3 developers, has been leading a coalition of state and federal agencies, non-profits, universities and lake associations, to implement and design cutting-edge technology that monitors use of the waterless system and sends alerts on maintenance and use. Designed for day boater use, stations are free and user-operated that include a wet/dry vacuum, blower and tethered hand tools, to help make sure boaters and anglers are not ruining the waters they enjoy.

New advances in digital outreach technology will also allow stations to feature a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection for enhanced invasive species education and reporting. Mapping tools will also show the location of decontamination sites for boats and equipment moored or docked for three days or more. Open for use every day and hour of the boating season, CD3 Stations enhance accessibility to public waters by reinforcing Clean Drain Dry stewardship and conservation practices needed to slow the spread of AIS.

“Partnerships are the key to tackling this issue. It is also our responsibility as stewards and resource managers to use and implement the available tools that slow the spread, protecting fish, wildlife and our recreational economy,” said Pat Conzemius, Executive Vice President of Wildlife Forever.
Contact Wildlife Forever or your local natural resource authority for more information about CD3 Watercraft Cleaning Stations and tools for protecting your lakes and streams.

The Clean Drain Dry Initiative™ is the national campaign to educate outdoor recreational users on how to prevent the spread of invasive species. Strategic communications, marketing, outreach and educational services provide access to consistent messaging, and resources for implementing AIS prevention programs.


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For That Special Sportswoman

The following press release is courtesy of Traditions Media:



Last-Minute Mother’s Day

Gift Ideas for the Outdoorsy Mom 

Minneapolis, MN (March 8, 2018) – Saying you’ve been busy fishing or turkey hunting won’t cut it as an excuse for forgetting Mother’s Day. Now that we’ve sent you into panic mode (yes, Mother’s Day is this weekend), don’t sweat it. Here’s our list of great gift ideas the outdoorsy moms in your life will love. Guaranteed.

Howard Leight Impact Sport Hearing Protection

Help Mom protect her hearing on the shooting range or in the field with the lightweight and comfortable Impact Sport folding electronic earmuff from Howard Leight. Featuring a Sleek, extremely low profile earcup design that allows full clearance while shouldering a firearm, Impact Sport automatically shuts off loud impulse noise to a safe 82dB, while amplifying conversation and range commands. Retail price is about $55. Learn more at


Raymarine Dragonfly™ 7PRO Sonar Display and Chartplotter

Mom will find fish like a tournament pro with the Dragonfly 7PRO – the biggest and brightest Dragonfly ever. The built-in GPS chartplotter is compatible with her choice of Navionics, C-MAP or Raymarine LightHouse charts, while Dragonfly’s wide-spectrum CHIRP DownVision™ sonar delivers sharp, photo-like images and best-in-class fish targeting. The Dragonfly 7PRO features built-in Wi-Fi to stream sonar data right to Mom’s smartphone or tablet, while its 7-inch, all weather, optically bonded display allows her to spend less time worrying and more time catching fish. MSRP starts at $469.99. Learn more at

Flambeau Portage Sling

Featuring extreme durability and refined aesthetics, the Portage Series from Flambeau is the ultimate line of softside tackle storage bags. Mom will love the Portage Sling, a grab-and-go, ambidextrous single-sling tackle pack that holds ample tackle in the included WP4005 Ultimate Waterproof Tuff Tainer. The versatile and water-resistant Portage Sling offers additional interior space for bulk storage of small angling essentials or an additional 4000 series Tuff Tainer. MSRP is $39.60. Learn more at


Seaguar Finesse Fluorocarbon Line

Light line. Big fish. No problem. Ultra sensitive and soft, clear Seaguar Finesse fluorocarbon fishing line is constructed with an exclusive double-structure process combining two custom Seaguar fluorocarbon resins to create a line with smaller diameters and exceptional knot and tensile strength. Mom will appreciate its soft and supple feel with low memory, making it a great choice for finesse applications. Available in 5.2, 6.2, 7.3 and 8.4 lb. tests, Seaguar Finesse retails for around $28 for a 150-yard spool. Learn more at

BUFF® Technical Headband

Mom will look and feel great while sporting one of these comfortable BUFF Headbands, available in a huge array of statement-making colors and patterns. The Headband offers hair and sweat management for outdoor recreation or just hanging out. COOLMAX® Pro performance fabric dries fast and wicks moisture away, while keeping Mom cool. Polygiene treatment is added to resist odors, and like all BUFF apparel, the technical Headband offers 95% UV protection. MSRP is $15. Learn more at


Popticals has redefined sunglasses for fishing. Polarized NYDEF™ nylon lenses made for Popticals by Carl Zeiss Zeiss offer the same optical clarity as glass while remaining 18% lighter in weight than polycarbonate lenses used in most other sunglasses. Popticals allow you sharper details beneath the surface of the water so you can see and catch more fish.

To keep the lenses from getting scratched and broken when not in use, Popticals use their award-winning and patented portable design to stay Safe in the Case™. The FL2 Micro-Rail System® allows the glasses to compact down and fit inside a small, durable case for convenient storage. Pack Small. Live Big.

FLIR Scout TK Thermal Monocular

Whether walking through a dark parking lot, responding to a bump in the night or roaming the backwoods, Mom will greatly appreciate increased situational awareness afforded by the FLIR Scout TK thermal monocular. This pocket-sized device allows users to detect people and animals over 100 yards away in total darkness or full sunlight using thermal-imaging technology. Simple to use, with still image and video recording, Scout TK is the perfect companion. Retail price is about $599. Learn more at

Ocean Kayak Malibu Pedal

Help Mom dive feet first into her passion for the outdoors with the Ocean Kayak Malibu Pedal. The 12-foot vessel features an advanced PDL Drive System that makes for a fresh new kayaking experience. It’s fun, zippy, stable and has turn-on-a-dime performance in forward or reverse. A kid’s jumpseat makes family outings a breeze, and it even has plenty of room to bring the dog for a complete family adventure. The PDL Drive System is capable of reaching 5.5 MPH with an impressive 10.3:1 gear ratio for efficient pedaling. The PDL Drive mounts into the Malibu Pedal in seconds and in shallow water it can tip up to its docking position in an instant. The pedals are padded for barefoot comfort and grip, while the Element Beach Seat (EBS) features a mesh storage pocket underneath, a slide-lock seat adjustment system and backrest adjustment straps for total comfort. The PDL Drive System console also doubles as splash resistant storage with a 6-inch access hatch. The Ocean Kayak Malibu Pedal is available in Ahi, Envy, Sea Glass, and Sunrise at an MSRP of $2,199.99. Learn more at

St. Croix Avid Pearl Fishing Rod

St. Croix’s Avid Pearl spinning and casting rods feature high-modulus SCIII graphite blanks and a full compliment of premium components that will elevate Mom’s fishing experience to all-new levels. Featuring a striking fuchsia-metallic finish and beautiful mother-of-pearl reel seat insert, these beauties are specialized, hard-core high-performance fishing tools with a feminine edge. Looking for a great all-arounder? Check out the two-piece spinning model # APS66MLF. This 6-6” rod is rated for 4-10-lb. line, and will handle everything from panfish and pompanos to bass and bonefish. MSRP is $230. Learn more at

ScentLok OZ20 Vehicle Deodorizer

Nobody likes a smelly car, especially Mom. That’s why she’ll appreciate the OZ20 Vehicle Deodorizer by ScentLok. Simply plug this affordable marvel into her vehicle’s all-in-one 12V receptacle and let the odor destruction begin. The OZ20 Vehicle Deodorizer is one of several powerful new OZ Active Odor Destroyers, specifically designed to emit a powerful stream of ozone molecules that seek out and destroy virtually all types of odors and bacteria in their path. Retail price is $39.99. Learn more at

iBall™ Trailer Hitch Camera

Designed to eliminate the angst of connecting truck to trailer, the new digital iBall Trailer Hitch Camera offers the most convenient means of seeing behind Mom’s rear bumper. Perfect for older vehicles without a built-in back-up camera, the iBall employs an industrial strength magnet to instantly connect to the bumper. Inside the vehicle, a 5-inch color LCD plugs into a power port via an infinitely adjustable gooseneck arm. The iBall camera an also connect to the back of an RV, boat or other metal surface, transmitting its signal to the LCD up to 100 feet away. MSRP is $169.95. Learn more at

LIVETARGET Sunfish Hollow Body

Mother’s Day means bass will be shallow, and there’s no better way to get Mom on a few fish than with topwater lures. “Without a shadow of a doubt, sunfish are a major forage base for predator bass,” noted LIVETARGET pro angler Dave Mercer. “You’ll find bluegill and sunfish around every pad bed, every dock, every piece of structure – and the LIVETARGET Sunfish Hollow Body perfectly imitates what they look like and how they behave.” Indeed, the LIVETARGET Sunfish Hollow Body expertly replicates the profile of a small, stunned sunfish that is struggling helplessly on the surface. With ten distinct color patterns to choose from, you’ll be able to easily select the LIVETARGET Sunfish Hollow Body that exactly mimics your local forage base. Retail prices range from $14.49 to $15.49 depending on size. Learn more at

Z-Man Finesse TRD

Buy Mom a few packs of the original Ned Rig bait—Z-Man’s Finesse TRD – plus a few Finesse ShroomZ jigheads – and she’ll never fail to catch fish again. The little 2.75-inch stickbait doesn’t look like much, but the bass beg to differ. Widely regarded as one of the best, most foolproof fish-catching concoctions ever created, a few 8-packs of these tough ElaZtech-formulaled baits might last for months. MSRP is $4.99 per 8-pack. Learn more at

Elite Archery Presents Its New Indepedence Series Bows



A series of four customized decoration options that celebrate freedom. We call it the Independence Series. 

These custom designs are inspired by America and her armed forces. Choose from Battleship Gray, Tactical Tan, Ground Troops Green, or Independent Patriots. 

Available only on the Elite Echelon series of bows. 


Visit to see the
Independence Series
available April 19th.

Due to our high quality standards and the custom nature of these products, please plan on 4 – 6 weeks for delivery.

Ameristep Ground Blinds Built To Last

Hub-style ground blinds provide today’s hunters with effective and portable concealment. They set up and tear down fast, delivering the ability to hunt with confidence from nearly any location. It’s why just about every serious deer or turkey hunter has at least one of these magic makers in their arsenal – and chances are good, it bears the Ameristep name.


Known and admired for its rugged Spider Hub® frame, hardworking features and hunter-friendly price, the durable and dutiful Ameristep Brickhouse Blind has been a favorite among hunters since it was first introduced in 2010. And now, the gurus of ground blinds at Ameristep have taken everything great about the original Brickhouse and made it even better… by giving it the silent treatment.



Like the original, the new Silent Brickhouse™ provides ample room for up to three hunters, but improved features now cloak those hunters in silence. A patent-pending, hinged silent door system replaces the old zippered design, simplifying entry and exit with absolutely zero noise. Additionally, new silent mesh windows facilitate viewing and shooting adjustments without the alarming sounds of zippers or Velcro.


Additional new features of the Silent Brickhouse include patent-pending organic window shapes that lack hard lines and blend in better with the natural environment, as well as an expanded choice of exterior camouflage options. Silent Brickhouse is available in versatile Mossy Oak Break-Up Country or all-new Realtree Edge.




Ameristep Silent Brickhouse Blind Features

  • New, patent-pending hinged silent door for easy access and silent entry/exit
  • Silent mesh attachment on windows silences open/close
  • Patent-pending natural-shaped window openings blend into environment
  • Shoot-through mesh windows with gun ports
  • Brush loops for adding natural foliage
  • Durashell™ Plus fabric shell with matte finish
  • Rugged Spider Hub® frame for easy setup and takedown
  • ShadowGuard™ interior coating eliminates shadows and silhouettes



Ameristep Silent Brickhouse Blind Specifications

  • Footprint: 59” x 59”
  • Shooting Width: 75”
  • Height: 67”
  • Weight: 16 lbs.

Model # AMEBL3002 in Realtree Edge

Model # AMEBF3007 (Canadian Compliant) in Mossy Oak Break-Up Country

MSRP: $149.99




Shhh. Don’t make a racket and expect to get ‘er done when nature is listening. Thanks to Ameristep, the all-new Silent Brickhouse blind will make sure whatever you’re hunting doesn’t hear a sound.


ScentLok Gear Bags Provide Odor Protection For Hunters






Muskegon, MI (March 21, 2018) – There’s a right way and a wrong way to do everything. And when it comes to storing your deer-hunting clothing and accessories, even well intended hunters make mistakes. If you are using an airtight tote or dedicated storage bag to minimize contamination from ambient odors, congratulations; you’re on the right track.


But there’s a better way.


OZChamber 8K & OZ500 Combo Pack?




Toss your tote, repurpose your bag, and step up to the better odor-destroying storage system for your hunting apparel and gear. The new OZChamber 8K Storage Bag from ScentLok combines the power of CycleClean™? and OZInject™? ozone technologies with carbon adsorption to literally destroy the odors that attach themselves to clothing and gear and ruin hunts.


Patented ScentLok Carbon Alloy™? hunting garments have been proven deadly in the field, by combining activated carbon with zeolite and treated carbon to help adsorb a larger spectrum of odors – as well as targeting specific odors – better than ever before. But every piece of gear a hunter takes into the field picks up additional ambient odors that can be alarming to deer. That’s why odor-control storage is critically important to success – whether you use activated carbon scent-control clothing or not.





A Better Bag


Offering a generous 8,190 cubic-inches of storage space, the ScentLok OZChamber 8K Storage Bag is available in black (actually a distinctive digital gray/black pattern), as well as a choice of three popular camo patterns. The fabric is heavy 600D nylon with a DWR treatment to shed external moisture. It is lined with a PVC backing inside for easy care. The bag comes with a carbon adsorbing pad that fits into an interior mesh pocket to trap odors from your gear and the air inside the bag, and is also pre-plumbed with an OZInject™ internal piping system to distribute odor-destroying ozone throughout the interior.


A ScentLok OZ500 ozone generator comes bundled with the OZChamber 8K Combo Pack. This advanced ozone generator is specifically designed to emit a powerful stream of ozone molecules that seek out and destroy virtually all types of odors and bacteria in their path. When ozone comes in contact with these contaminants, their chemical structure is changed to a compound that is no longer recognizable as an offensive odor. As ozone continues to attack these compounds, the odor is destroyed through oxidation and the ozone reverts back to oxygen after it is used. ScentLokCycleClean™ technology allows the powerful OZ500 to regulate output by alternating between active and resting phases for maximum efficiency and longer product life.


Whether you need to restore or maintain the odor-adsorbing capacity of your activated carbon scent-control apparel, or deodorize your regular hunting clothing or accessories, the new ScentLok OZChamber 8K Storage Bag is the best and most comprehensive odor-destroying storage solution available today.



ScentLok OZChamber 8K Storage Bag





ScentLok OZChamber 8K Storage Bag

  • Durable 600D PVC backed polyester fabric
  • DWR finish helps shed moisture
  • OZInject™ internal piping system distributes ozone
  • Carbon Adsorber fits in the interior mesh pocket and adsorbs odors from your gear and the air inside the container
  • Five internal mesh pockets including built-in OZ500 pocket with quick access to theOZInject™ piping
  • Rear pass-through pocket allows you to store the OZ500 power supply and plug in at a moment’s notice
  • Removable, adjustable shoulder carrying strap
  • Airtight side pocket to keep items separated if needed
  • Durable 2”-wide grab straps for hauling heavy loads
  • Dimensions: 32”W x 16”H x 16”D
  • Volume: 8,190 cubic inches
  • Available in Black (090), Mossy Oak Break-Up Country (082), Realtree Edge (153) or True Timber Kanati (080)

Model 89177

MSRP $99.99 (black), $119.99 (camo)?




ScentLok OZ500 Large Room Deodorizer

  • Ozone destroys odors, bacteria, fungus, and mold
  • Attacks virtually all types of odors
  • CycleClean™ technology moderates the output by alternating active and resting phases to achieve maximum efficiency
  • Plugs into the OZInject™ tubing system in the OZChamber 8K Bag or OZChamber Hardline Tote
  • Great as a stand-alone unit to deodorize large spaces like a garage or cabin
  • Includes a 12V DC power supply, vehicle power adaptor and transport tubing
  • Chemical and fragrance free
  • Model 82912

MSRP $149.99




ScentLok OZChamber 8K & OZ500 Combo Pack

  • Represents a $50 savings when purchased together
  • The ultimate bag combo when it comes to odor-controlling storage with the power of activated carbon and ozone
  • Includes: OZChamber 8K Storage Bag, OZ500 ozone generator, transport tubing, 12V DC power supply and a vehicle power adapter
  • Connect the OZ500 to the OZInject™ internal piping to distribute ozone throughout the bag

Model 89178

MSRP $199.99 (black), $219.99 (camo)



Industry-leading ScentLok hunting garments are constantly adsorbing odors and contaminants from the air surrounding them. Nothing keeps ScentLok clothing at maximum capacity like storing it in an OZChamber 8K Storage Bag equipped with OZ Active Odor-Destroying technology. Indeed, whatever brand of hunting clothing you wear or whatever accessories or gear you carry into the field, storing these items inside the new ScentLok OZChamber 8K Storage Bag will ensure they are deodorized and ready to provide hunters with an advantage in the field.


The ScentLok OZChamber 8K Storage Bag and ScentLok OZChamber 8K/OZ500 Combo Pack are available now through established ScentLok dealers. Learn more at





Stay Lit Up Even Off The Grid

The following press release is courtesy of BioLight:

Off-grid energy pioneer BioLite has just launched two new products that take outdoor life to the next level: the game-changingSolarHome 620, which electrifies any structure or vehicle, and the SunLight, a versatile hand-held solar light. And in August, the portlable, smoke-free FirePit hits the market.

Please see below for more information, and let me know if you would like to test anything out!

You can get a fun preview with these short videos:



Feel at home, off-grid! The SolarHome 620 is a compact, portable and self-contained system of solar lighting and charging that can turn any off-grid structure into an electrified home. Ideal for cabins, van life, and hunting structures, it features a 6-watt panel, 3 daisy-chaining lights, USB charging, and radio/mp3 capabilities.


Hanging daisy-chained lights offer multi-room lighting, with individual spaces to control your space. The optional motion sensor offers a quick hit of pathfinding light or a heads-up for nearby movement. Powered by a compact 6-watt solar panel, the central control box keeps devices charged and the music going. The LCD backlit display gives real-time feedback on power and sun strength.


Key Features

  • 6-watt Solar Panel
    • Generate your power from the sun, and store it inside the system’s 20-watt hour powerbank
  • Control Box
    • The LCD Display provides real-time feedback on power level, speaker control and device charging.
    • MP3 & Radio Capability. Access your music with the on-board speaker via micro SD.
    • Power Out. Charge phones and other gadgets via two USB ports.
  • Lighting
    • Multi-room Lighting. Illuminate multiple spaces with two daisy-chaining, 100-lumen lights.
    • Motion Sensor. The third hanging light can sense passersby for added security, or a quick hit of path-finding.
    • Individual Control. Control each 100-lumen light with independent light switches that offer lo/med/hi settings

MSRP: $149.95






BioLite’s solar and lighting lines converge with the all-new SunLight, a durable, portable and compact (3.35” x 3.39”) light that self-charges from the power of the sun.


Offering up to 50 hours of light on a single charge, the SunLight’s integrated solar panel offers unlimited light and versatile setup so you can leave your batteries behind and free yourself from rationing your energy.


From illuminating your tent to way-finding in the dark to setting the mood for your backyard dinner, the SunLight is a simple, powerful companion for any adventure. This 100-lumen solar lantern features BioLite’s signature sundial and 360 kickstand for optimal charging. And thanks to its complete range of light colors, the SunLight offers full-color party mode for festive lighting!


Key Features

  • Battery-free power, thanks to self-charging solar and micro-USB input
    • The 100-lumen, dimmable panel recharges via the integrated solar panel.
    • Quick-charge in under two hours via the micro-USB input.
  • Multi-color modes for every occasion: white for traditional lighting; red for night-vision; full color spectrum for ambiance; and Party Mode (automatically cycles through all colors) for optimum festive lighting
  • Integrated Sundial. Maximize recharging speed with optimal alignment to the sun
  • Versatile 360° Kickstand. Hang, stand, or hold your light – whatever your lighting needs require
  • Durable plastic housing won’t pop or deflate like inflatable solar lights
  • Reserve Low Power Mode gives four hours of extra light and a heads-up that it’s time to recharge.

MSRP: $24.95




Enjoy the warmth, smell, crackle, and feel of a wood campfire, without any of the smoke with the new FirePit. With capacity for up to four standard firewood logs, the FirePit creates hyper-efficient flames with patented airflow technology and gives you a front-row seat to the magic thanks to the X-Ray mesh body, enabling 360 views. Control the size of your flames manually or remotely with the free Bluetooth app.

Time to cook your catch? Lift the fuel rack and toss in charcoal to transform the FirePit into a hibachi style grill, complete with an included grill grate.

MSRP: $199.95

A Canadian Kayaking Adventure For Women

The following press release is courtesy of Wild Women’s Expeditions:

CORNER BROOK, NL, CANADA, March 12, 2018 – The company that pioneered and now leads the world in women-only adventure travel will introduce its female guests this summer to a spiritually profound region of British Columbia accessed by kayak on a fully supported back country expedition.

Wild Women Expeditions’ Great Bear Rainforest Kayak Adventurescheduled July 10-17, 2018, is a professionally outfitted, eight-day wilderness immersion expressing what it truly means to be wild. Days are structured only by the slant of the sun’s rays and how far guests manage to glide their way down the crystalline waters of the Great Bear Rainforest. Here the only sounds for miles may be the call of a raven and the gentle splash of a paddle blade breaking the surface.

The per person rate of $2,995 CAD includes all activity and camping gear (kayaks, skirts, paddles, PFD’s, paddling jackets, dry bags and all safety gear, tents sleeping bags, liners, camp kitchen and bathroom kit); all meals; return flight from Port Hardy to Bella Bella; water taxi from Dallas Island to Bella Bella; and the services of two certified female kayak guides. See

The setting is a temperate rainforest of 1,000-year-old Western red cedar and Sitka spruce that spans the Pacific Coast of British Columbia and part of the world’s largest remaining, pristine coastal temperate rainforest. Here, too, are the traditional (since 7190 BCE) territories of the Heiltsuk First Nation. The forest teems with life, including the “spirit (Kermode) bear,” a white (thanks to a recessive gene) relative of the American black bear that also resides here, along with cougars and wolves. In the surrounding water are flitting dolphins and the blowing mists of humpback whales.

On this nomadic tour, guests cast their tents nightly on a new shore on beaches dotted with pebbles and shells. Weather, tide and sea conditions determine the itinerary on any given day in a maze of islands and channels waiting to be explored after guests fly from Port McNeill (a former logging camp on the North Island region of Vancouver Island) to Bella Bella, the main Heiltsuk community and once home of the Hudson Bay Company that engaged in the fur trade with this First Nations people.

“Our adventure in the Great Bear Rainforest celebrates the spirit of the international campaign to bring attention to this endangered coastline and its iconic wildlife. If we want to see precious places like this protected, we need to go there and enjoy them and show the world their tremendous value,” said Jennifer Haddow, Wild Women Expeditions’ owner and guiding director. “We support the end to the trophy bear hunt and making sure that threatened species such as sea wolves are targeted in a positive way by tourism.”

This kayak odyssey is one of nine women-only itineraries that Wild Women Expeditionshosts in British Columbia. All rates are quoted in Canadian Dollars.

Additional sea kayak programs are offered worldwide. For a full list please see:

Wild Women Expeditions is founded on the beliefs that:

  • Women need opportunities to just be themselves, together;
  • The wilderness helps women connect with elements of their psyche that may be lost in the daily hustle and bustle;
  • Pairing women and wilderness often encourages women beyond their comfort zones, leading to increased confidence;
  • These ingredients can be transformational, perhaps leading to answers to the question that Poet Mary Oliver poses: What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

Women carry their accommodations (tents) in their kayaks, as well as food and personal belongings, into remote wilderness where come night, a campfire and the stars overhead provide the only light. Even though the company now hosts guests all over the world, it retains a national focus with more trips and more women-only, backcountry camping adventures in Canada and across the globe than any other company in the world.

For details, availability and reservations for this and all Wild Women Expeditions’ programs call 1 (888) 993-1222, email or visit online at

About Wild Women Expeditions
Founded in 1991, Wild Women Expeditions is the world’s largest women-only travel company. Its initial focus was on canoeing on remote Ontario waters. Through an unwavering focus on Canada, one of the wildest, most pristine countries in the world, Wild Women Expeditions became experts in a pioneering niche that introduced small groups of women into wilderness settings. The company now hosts guests all over the world, offering more trips and more women-only, backcountry camping, hiking, paddling and horseback adventures than any other women’s travel company in the world.

Copper Basin Takedown Firearm Backpack Gen 3 is Now Shipping


Nampa, Idaho (March 2018) – Copper Basin™, LLC, manufacturers of innovative, lightweight bags and packs for hunting, hiking and low-profile firearm storage, proudly announces the third generation of its Takedown Firearm Backpack is now available and shipping directly from its website. With the ability to transport discreetly a variety of over 30 models of Takedown-style or compact firearms, this pack provides a stylish, non-descript alternative for transporting firearms while remaining purpose-built and ready for rapid deployment.

CB-1024-B-det-open.jpgThe Takedown Firearm Backpack has a quick access top flap for rapid removal and deployment of firearm components. This flap is part of a complete fold open design for easy access to components and gear at the range or in the field. The backpack’s dimensions have been designed to accommodate a variety of firearms with installed optics and bipods, with newly added longer internal pocket lids to accommodate an even wider variety of firearms. This diverse backpack also makes a good carry option for spotting scopes and other related gear. Layers of structural foam obscure the rifle’s signature contours and the interior of the pack’s pockets have been lined with fleece to protect the firearm and reduce noise.

The low-profile backpack has been upgraded with new, more durable materials and unveiled in a customer requested gray and black color scheme. Upgraded features include a new, heavier weight nylon in place of the original polyester, as well as durable faux leather used on the external base and in the internal pocket bottoms. A “lash tag” has been added to the rear of the pack to add to a discreet, pedestrian appearance. In this same vein, the external branding patch has been designed as removeable to allow for a total non-descript appearance. This also allows the customer to personalize the backpack with alternate patches if he or she so desires. Larger Velcro patches have been added on the internal pockets to make for quicker closing of the lids, while the addition of a sliding cinch allows the user to tighten an external bungee around gear. All of these new features and the Takedown Firearm Backpack MSRP still remains $99.99.CB-1024-B-stow-firearm.jpg

The Takedown Firearm Backpack is compatible with a variety of over 30 models of firearms, including the following makes and models:

  • Alaskan Lever Action Takedown Rifles
  • AR & AK Pistols
  • AOW Shotguns / Compact Shotguns
  • Century Arms AK Pistols
  • Century Arms Draco Pistols
  • Henry® Survival AR-7 Rifle
  • Kel-Tec Sub-2000 Rifles
  • Kriss Vector Gen II SDP and SBR
  • Ruger® 10/22 Takedown® Factory Rifle, 22 Charger™ and 22 Charger™ Takedown
  • Zenith Firearms MKE Z-5RS, MKE Z-5P, MKE Z-5K

Visit the compatibility tab at for more model numbers.

For more information on Copper Basin or to purchase the Takedown Firearm Backpack,

About Copper Basin™:

Copper Basin™ develops gear for people who enjoy the wild, rugged outdoors as much as we do. Our quality products are made to last, and are designed to perform when they’re needed the most: in the field. Copper Basin gear is designed to go beyond just the basic feature set. Our design team spends countless hours making sure every product is packed with technical features and innovation that enhances your outdoor experience.

For more information on Copper Basin™, visit