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ACE Air and ACE Air Cargo news

Flying to 18 different communities daily takes commitment, and that’s what we have at ACE Air Cargo. We started out as an all-cargo airline and have been crisscrossing Alaska since 1996, delivering your mail and freight from Ketchikan to St. Paul Island to Bethel. People have come to rely upon ACE Air and ACE Air Cargo to get the job done.
And as of Feb 6, 2012, we began offering scheduled passenger service to Dutch Harbor. We are very excited about this and want you to join us on our next scheduled flight. You can check us out at For all your cargo, passenger charters or our new scheduled passenger service, ACE Air and ACE Air Cargo is truly your one-stop shop in Alaska. We want your business and will work hard to keep it.



Tickets On Sale Now For SalmonStock, Aug. 2-4


Tickets are on sale now for Salmonstock 2013, a three-day, four-stage music festival featuring 30-plus outside and Alaska bands. Salmonstock, a fundraiser to protect wild Alaskan salmon, runs August 2-4 at the Kenai Peninsula Fairgrounds in Ninilchik, Alaska.

More than 5,000 people attended Salmonstock in 2012 and this year’s lineup is even fatter and juicier. Top national acts include supercharged bluegrass masters Trampled by Turtles, Minnesota rock & roll, jam band The Big Wu and up-and-coming Colorado bluegrass band, Head for the Hills. Also joining the lineup is Larry Keel & Natural Bridge, Moonalice and Si Kahn.

More bands, including additional headliners and Alaska acts, will be announced in the coming weeks.

This dynamic festival features crafts and performance art, info booths and seminars, children’s activities and Alaska brew and food — including, of course, salmon. Camping is available near the festival grounds, with free shuttle service to the festival.

Salmonstock celebrates wild Alaskan salmon and the people who depend on them. The festival is organized by the Renewable Resources Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to protecting wild Alaskan salmon habitat from the proposed Pebble Mine and other potential threats. Learn more at

Earlybird tickets are $99 (3-days) or $85 (2-days) and are available now through May 31st. Advance tickets are $115 (3-days), $95 (2-days), $50 (Friday or Sunday), $60 (Saturday), available June 1st through August 1st. Tickets at the gate will be $135 (3-days), $50 (Friday or Sunday), $60 (Saturday). Ages 12 and younger are admitted free (must be accompanied by a ticket-holding adult). Buy tickets and learn more at

Nature Tech Solutions Offers Another Solution For Relief From The Flu


Roman Fyk of Nature Tech Solutions Inc. urged the American public to “get their flu shot” as soon as possible before they join the thousands of Americans with the flu.

Mr. Fyk, president, of the company based in Lancaster, Pa., released information concerning his new GEN-X-3 technology that manufactures a proven solution to eradicate the flu and many other debilitating viruses and bacteria.

The GEN-X-3 machine produces hypochlorous acid (HOCI) which is also produced by the human immune system to kill bacteria and viruses.  Mr. Fyk agrees that everyone must receive their flu shots, but to also consider adding his GEN-X-3 technology to their defense against the H3N2 flu that is now an epidemic throughout the United States.

When the solution of 100-percent safe Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) Anolyte was tested by Penn State University, the same solution produced by the GEN-X-3 killed the current devastating flu virus, H3N2, 100 percent in less than a minute.  The GEN-X-3 produced solution also killed many other bacteria that threaten our food supply, health and much more.

The H3N2 flu is a strain of a Norovirus which also was treated by the GEN-X-3 for proof of effectiveness and had a kill rate of 99.999 according to the test studies by the Microbiotest Laboratories in Sterling, Va.

The GEN-X-3 is now available to the public.  The GEN-X-3 uses regular tap water, electric and a food-based additive to create hypochlorous acid.  This solution is non-hazardous and safe for human contact.  It can be used in the home, office, nursing home, hospital or classroom to sanitize and disinfect.  Just spray and let dry.  The solution can also be used in a cold fogger or cold sonic vaporizer in occupied rooms to mitigate the viruses and bacteria.

The GEN-X-3 does more than just kill H3N2 and other avian viruses. It also kills a host of deadly foodborne pathogens as well, including (but not limited to) salmonella, e-coli, listeria, VRE, shingella, MSRA, anthrax, and many more. The solution is safe to use on food and food prep areas to greatly diminish cross contamination during food preparation.

Nature Tech Solutions (NTS) manufactures and distributes a variety of machines to self-generate the world’s strongest chemical-free sanitizing/disinfecting/cleaning solution on-site, on demand.  The most popular, GEN-X-3, is for multi-purpose use to clean and purify both your home and office.  The GEN-X-3 is the economical handheld model (a rechargeable mini-generator) that is all natural and safe for children, adults, and pets.  Nature Tech Solutions has a solution for any size industry, school or hospital.

Learn more about Nature Tech Solutions at and

Operator Series Of Backpacks From Tactical Tailor ‘Fit Most Any Activity’

Tactical Tailor is known for designing and manufacturing high-quality American- made tactical gear for the military and law enforcement communities. What many may not be aware of is that many of their products are also ideal for camping, shooting and many other outdoor sporting activities.

Aside from tactical vests and modular pouches, Tactical Tailor offers a full line of backpacks in various sizes to cover most any activity. Their most popular line of packs, the Operator Series, covers everyday carry all the way to a multi-day trip to the outdoors.

The Urban Operator is a discreet everyday carry pack, complete with a zippered laptop compartment, ideal for school, the office or a day of hiking.

The Modular Operator is a step up and compares to a traditional ‘Three Day Pack’ in size and features. It can also be used as a daily carry pack, but has plenty of room for a stay outdoors.

The largest pack in the Operator line, the Extended Range Operator, is perfect for long backpacking trips or multiple days in the field. It features a large compartment for everything you might need and a built-in frame for support.

Finally, the Removable Operator is a small lightweight pack that can be worn alone with its hidden straps or attached directly to larger packs like the Extended Range Operator when a little bit more space is needed.

Tactical Tailor offers a 30-day return policy, as well as a lifetime limited warranty covering materials and workmanship. Check out their full line of American-made products at


For Alaskan Jams, Jellies, Smoked Fish, Cheese, And Tasty Sauces, Stop By Anchorage’s Wild Berry Products

Every summer since 1946, children and adults in Alaska have had a favorite summer activity — picking wild berries for Alaska Wild Berry Products. We always welcome their harvests with open arms. That’s how we make the finest wild berry jams and jellies in Alaska.

That great tradition continues today, 60 years later. Our berries come from all corners of the state and our goal remains the same: to bring the taste of delicious and wild Alaskan berries to as many people as possible. Our wild berry products started in 1946 with just a few items and have since expanded.

Alaska’s very best chocolate and souvenirs are at Alaska Wild Berry Products. Our wild berry jelly center chocolates and candies are thoughtful gifts. Our wild berry jams and jellies are made here in Anchorage. Our gift baskets include delicious chocolates, wild Alaskan salmon, and Alaskan meats, perfect for friends, family or as corporate gifts. Check out our smoked salmon and smoked halibut, caribou sausage, smoked cheese, and honey, mustards, and sauces.

Purchase our products online at or visit our main store and factory in Anchorage, Alaska, the heart of the company. Take a tour of the candy kitchens, visit the World’s Largest Chocolate Fall, and during the summer, see the gift shop come alive with entertainment including singing, dancing, and fiddling.

We are located at 5225 Juneau Street, Anchorage, AK 99518; you can also call us at (907) 562-8858

Adventure Hunts Specializes In African Big Game

Adventure Hunts offers hunting and fishing trips around the world, and we specialize in Africa hunting.

Adventure Hunts is known worldwide for its “safari specials”  and unique, cost-saving, trophy hunting safari packages.

Adventure Hunts offers dangerous game, “big five” hunts for cape buffalo, leopard, lion, elephant, rhino, and hippo, crocodile, including most all species of plains game, and popular; fast-action wing-shooting for upland and waterfowl species.

Adventure Hunts represents “the client” by providing detailed information on proven outfitters, guides, PHs (professional hunters) and safari companies to meet the client’s desires, ability, dreams and — most of all — budget.

From the first-timer to the collector, we look forward to assisting you, providing personal care and attention, planning your next adventure and safari.

For more, contact Adventure Hunts at (951) 929-6151 or

Triggers Gun Auction Sells, Is Looking For Quality Firearms

Triggers Gun Auction sells firearms from estates and private sellers to a nationwide audience of pre-qualified gun buyers. As a Federally licensed firearms auction house, we can manage the sale and disposition of auction items from receipt of consignment all the way through to delivery.

Our public sales on the nation’s largest live and timed auction network ( effectively eliminates nuisance bidding (bidding without the intent to purchase), and the burden of wading through thousands of auto-relisted, initial-high-price items.


The majority of our auctions are absolute. But whenever an item of distinction merits reserve pricing, we always start at the reserve. Our monthly schedule of new auctions is designed to keep things interesting for buyers, and speed things along for our sellers (many of whom are trying to close estates).

Consignments Wanted

We are always looking for quality firearms, and firearms-related items to represent at auction. Our team is equipped to sell entire collections or individual items, and we work equally hard for estates and private collectors to maximize profit.

If you or someone you know has antique or modern firearms, or firearms related items to sell, we would appreciate an opportunity to provide a FREE estimate of auction value and discuss seller consignment terms. We’ve created a convenient online evaluation request form to make contacting us easy.

To learn more about Triggers Gun Auction, please visit our website at

Lopi Introduces the GreenStart Wood Stove Igniter

Starting your wood stove has never been easier, as Lopi has revolutionized the way consumers today start wood fires. Much like Charles Kettering’s invention of the electric automobile ignition 100 years ago, the GreenStart igniter system has evolved the ignition of fire in a spectacular way and has become the greatest innovation in wood heating in over 100 years.

Starting a fire in your wood stove is now as convenient as pushing a button. No longer is the mess of starting a fire with matches and newspapers a concern, as it has been eliminated entirely by this breakthrough new igniter system. Fireplace safety has increased, and there is no longer a need to leave doors ajar to promote the fire start up.

The GreenStart system works much like a blacksmith bellows. A compressor forces 1,400 degree preheated air into the firebox directly onto the wood source, giving a clean, fast, smoke-free start up. This combination of the igniter and bellows is the brilliance of this design exclusively patented by Lopi manufacturer Travis Industries. This system is also ideal for refreshing old fires. Simply add new fuel on top of the old coals, close the door and push the button again. The new GreenStart system instantly elevates combustion temperatures within your stove, immediately establishes a draft, and eliminates the slow and smoky typical wood fireplace start up. The GreenStart Igniter system will start wood burning within two button pushes. After the initial start up, the blower will continue pumping air into the fire, greatly accelerating the start up time. After 15 minutes the blower shuts off. For best results, dry, seasoned wood is required when using the GreenStart system.

The GreenStart ignition option is available on select Lopi wood stoves and wood burning fireplace inserts, and retails for a suggested MSRP of $349. Never before has starting a fire in a wood stove or insert been so simple. Come see the revolutionary GreenStart system in action in our showroom. Visit to find a location near you.

Use your Smart Phone QR Reader to watch a video on the GreenStart Igniter.