Another Pebble Mine Story

Not a lot of newsy material here that isn’t already known, but a nice perspective from a couple journalism students writing for McClatchy News Service about the fishing vs. mining debate (and if both industries would ever be able to succeed working side-by-side) that is the Bristol Bay Pebble Mine controversy.

Here’s a segment of the report from Diana Blass and Marina Cracchiolo:

Oil and gas largely drive revenue in Alaska, but those resources mainly stay in the U.S. – and they’re dwindling. Over the last decade, the Alaska Oil and Gas Association reported a 39 percent drop in production.
State Rep. Mia Costello, a Republican from Anchorage, thinks the Pebble Mine could be a way for Alaska to diversify its economy.
“Pebble is like a second Prudhoe Bay,” she said.
Sitting in the living room of her Anchorage home, Costello remembered the excitement that surrounded the discovery in the 1970s of Prudhoe Bay, the largest oil field in North America.
Right now, fishing and mining are the titans in Alaska’s export game. Might the dramatic expansion of one industry decimate the other?
“I think we ought to have both,” said Alsworth, the flying mayor.

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