Angler not about to release 231-pound halibut.

By Chris Cocoles on Sept. 10, 2013

Give Dirk Whitsitt credit for not losing track of his trophy. It was a struggle for the construction worker from Kansas to land a monster halibut, which weighed in at 231 pounds, during a trip to the Cook Inlet. When Whitsitt, with an assist from the guides he was aboard with, finally landed the massive fish, he was given the option of releasing his catch or getting another free trip. But he chose to take his trophy back to Kansas.
Being so far from home, it had to be tempting to opt for another day on the water in the Cook Inlet. Who knows? Maybe another monster fish would be on the end of his line.
And after all, how often does a Kansan get to fish for free in Alaska? Then again, 231 pounds worth of halibut might neve
r bite Whitsitt’s line again.


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