Alaska Strikes Back

Alaska Governor Sean Parnell has had enough with his state’s public lands, used so heavily by hunters and anglers, closed by the ongoing government  shutdown which seems to be going on indefinitely. Parnell is threatening legal action now.

From the Associated Press report:

Parnell, in a letter to Interior Secretary Sally Jewell, said the state would sue unless the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service reversed its shutdown of federal refuges in Alaska by the close of business Tuesday.

“With everything else that is going on, litigation between our respective principals should be avoided,” he wrote. “However, the financial impact and inconvenience to Alaskans can no longer be ignored, and we will seek to reopen these refuges based on the USFWS’ failure to follow its own closure regulations and other inconsistent positions adopted by DOI which have been repeatedly brought to your attention.” DOI is the Department of Interior.

Interior spokesman Blake Androff said in an email to The Associated Press, “We have extremely limited staff and resources during the government shutdown, but we continue to explore potential options to re-open National Wildlife Refuges using donated funds.”

In other words: This situation is getting downright nasty.

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