New Waterfowl Bag Limits Get Increased

Sorry for just posting this now (I was out of the office for a few days around the Labor Day weekend!). The following press release is courtesy of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game: Waterfowl hunting season opened on September 1 over much of Alaska and several regulations changes—including increases to daily bag limits … Read more New Waterfowl Bag Limits Get Increased

Resurrecting A Salmon Tradition

  BY RANDY WELLS  As a charter boat skipper, there is nothing that puts huge smiles on anglers’ faces like the aggressive bite and fight of silversalmon. Each July, coho flood into the Gulf of Alaska and make their way to the streams from which they came. The waters surrounding Seward represent one of the … Read more Resurrecting A Salmon Tradition

A Harrowing Alaska Fishing Boat Rescue

The Hartford Courant shared the story of a University of Connecticut student’s  harrowing brush with disaster at sea while working on her father’s fishing boat off the Alaska coast. Here’s reporter Christine Dempsey with more from Megan Potter’s experience, when the boat began to take on water: As the boat’s warning alarms began to sound, her … Read more A Harrowing Alaska Fishing Boat Rescue